Will price double for Tim Hortons IPI this week (like Chipotle)?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by canadian_dude, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. The Tim Hortons IPO is on deck for this week, see this link:


    It's priced at around $20 but all the stories I read keep talking about heavy demand, plus the fact Wendys is only giving up a limited amount (18%) of the shares. Where do you think it will open for trade?

    $20? $30? $40?

    Chipotle doubled in price before the public had a chance to buy, and I have a feeling this one might do the same thing.

    (note - I posted something else about Hortons last week, but my post ended up in the CLASSIFIEDS forum. But this is a different posting with diferent content.)
  2. If its good, the public has no chance.....
  3. Sanjuro


    You sound like a cheerleader for the stock.

    Either you already got shares allocated from the IPO and are trying to pump it.

    Or you plan on buying first day of IPO and trying to jack the price up on yourself.

    Good Luck!
  4. cramer pumping it on mad money. buy buy buy. i see a bunch of cramerites getting raped on this one. he is saying buy up to 24
  5. It is donuts... not an IPod. Donuts are not hi tech growth companies and KKDs demise shows how it was a lot of bullcrap. And multiple posts pumping Horton's does not make it look any cleaner. Once people realize it is just some overpriced fried dough and that they can get it at 8 different places all around town, it will fall off.
  6. I think it might pull a GOOG, just not as dramatic.
  7. just21


    How do you find out in advance when it is going to open for trading?
  8. Have you ever even been to Tim Horton's? I dont remember the last time i went there for a donut or even a coffee for that matter. Id rather eat there than most any other fast food restaurant i know of.
  9. I'm convinced. I'm gonna buy then short into the imminent bloodbath. :D
  10. Its donuts, coffee and baked goods...

    What am I missing???

    I have no doubt it will soar initially because of the hype (UnderArmour anyone?), but how long can it last in today's market.
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