will people pull money out of gold

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  1. im still leary of touching gold, im scared their's a rebound in the dollar coming, it can't go up and up without a dip right? even if it's a relatively shallow dip.

    besides if the carry trade and the stock bubble bursts

    my question is will people pull money out of gold? ( consider the short term)
  2. How are we supposed to answer this without a crystal ball? You've stated the reasons for a correction quite well. It sounds to me that you're simply looking for someone else to confirm that what you're saying makes sense.

    Well, it does. But that doesn't mean it's going to happen.
  3. The time to exit gold will be when it has obtained mania status.

    Short term is anybody's guess.
  4. Gold bugs are nervous now, will exist on first sign of weakness. I would put a stop sell order at around -3%
  5. I don't really see the reason in holding gold anymore.

    US and China is in a good relationship. Yuan is expected to rise.
    No one wants a war. Except for North Korea. If a nuclear war did broke out, the world will end and I don't see the value in holding anything in that case.
  6. True Gold Bugs don't exit.

    Everyone else does.
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    just keep buying gold on the dip... when the world wakes up and realizes how much the u.s. printed free money, i think 1400 - 1500 gold will be easy target. when oil went to 60 it was a crowded trade. but nevertheless kept going to 140.
  8. Actually, in my view most even hard core gold bugs will exit at least to a degree if and when DOW and gold meet each other.

    Unfathomable to non gold bugs such a thing ever happening again so I guess when looking at it through that perspective they will indeed give up on their holdings rather reluctantly.
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    I'm holding a long gold / short S&P 500 pair, targetting 2.0 or even higher.

    So my mental stop loss is not based on the "price of gold" but rather the gold/ES ratio.

    Let's assume that the gold/ES ratio remains above 1.00 in the coming years.

    Gold could drop to $500 an ounce, but I'd still be long.

  10. the lunatics I've seen at Kitco, Goldismoney, and other websites will never sell their gold. They are the ones who will sit in their bomb shelters counting the coins/bars over and over again in some nightmarish rendition of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

    Who knows, for giggles they might even yell out once in a while: "Cratchit!"
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