Will Pay $1000 Per Hour For GOOD Mentor

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Bullz n Bearz, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Please!!!! I really need a good mentor that will actually help me in the futures markets.. Please! I can't find anyone that will help me with this and I realize I have no clue what I'm really doing..

    Please help. The price should be right
  2. mde2004


    I will take 2k per lesson which last about an hour each.
  3. Not another thread. This guy is a wind up!
  4. I don't want "lessons"

    I want a mentor. Someone to talk to on a daily basis that actually knows what he's doing in the futures markets.
  5. KS96


    I will take $2k per day (14 hours).
  6. No offense but I would just give up.
  7. Yeah, a wind up? lol. dude, i just need someone to work with me since my skill level is no where like it should be.

    i love how so many successful traders can be so stingy at times and not lend their time over to a struggling new trader. i mean really, is it that sinful to help a guy out who doesn't know as much as you?

    heck, if i were in the successful super trader position, i would drop everything to help a guy struggling in a second! guess some would do that, some won't. i duno
  8. $1,000 per hour? Beware of mentor applicants who...talk...very...s l o w l y.
  9. How can you afford to pay $1000 an hour if you're not making money?
  10. Gonz


    juz long 1lot er2 @ 851, profit @ 854. :D its free...
    #10     Jul 10, 2007
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