Will pay $100 for Series 3 study materials

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  1. topten


    please msg me with what you have and date you purchased materials.
  2. that's pretty steep buddy....I have one at home from Deerborn...i think its from 2001...I 'll give it to you if i can find it
  3. Dearborn should have them for like 90 clams
  4. Is there a way to go for series 7 test outside united
    state?, beacuse as a foreigner i have difficult time for
    getting Visa approval from american Embassy here.
    They do not let people come in nowadays.
  5. Elliott


    You can check out www.bssyseducation.com for study materials & simulated tests.

    They have an online practice test that's excellent prep for about $75.

    Much Success,
  6. MVP


  7. Sorry dude, can't find the 3...I found a 55 though if anyone wants it
  8. Hey...I just found the book going through some old stuff at home...DEARBORN 10th edition...Brand spanking new ( i was too busy to take the test so i just hired somebody with a 3:p )

    I'll tell you what I'll do.....you pay for the shipping and it's yours free of charge...All i ask is that after you pass the test, you afford the same opportunity to anybody else who really needs it ..deal?

  9. you still want the book or waht?
  10. casharb


    I also have a Dearborn Series 3 book, 10th edition. I has been used with some minor highlighting. I will sell it for $35 including usps priority mail, OBO.

    PM me if interested.
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