Will Paul Tudor Jones be the next Madoff?

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  1. He suspended withdrawals from his fund, no reasons explained?

  2. no he is a smart guy and a great trader
  3. monti1a


    ....so was ken griffin..
  4. he still is
  5. You don't know what you are talking about.

    He suspended withdrawals from his flagship Tudor BVI Fund ( -5% on the year as of November ) so that he could split the toxic assets out of his $10 billion flagship hedge fund from everything else.

    He needs to do this because investors were trying to redeem 14% of the Tuydor BVI Fund at the end of the year. He is not able to do so without leaving the remaining investors in the fund holding too large of a proportion of illiquid assets, particularly corporate credit in emerging markets.
  6. everyone is great.

    there's only one lousy trader who lives on 69th St, and everyone else is great.
  7. I figure anyone thats really great is smart enough to be retired and I would not know them.

    Everyone else is a working stiff.
  8. When you can freely mark-to-profit (and most hedge funds can), everyone is a great trader.
  9. Ya never know. Two hedgies that proudly displayed PTJ as their "mentor" have recently blown up or shut down.

    Maybe he is just not a great teacher?

    Or they are just sh*tty students... :p
  10. once one suspends , they all have to suspend.
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