Will ORCL be around for another 24 months?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by minimi, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. minimi


    I mean it could be gone before AOL did. Techies, you whoever invest your time and efforts in building skills around ORCL, you should start to diversify.
  2. Gone? Arent' they offering all cash for psft in an effort to amuse Ellison. How many companies have the billions lying around just to do that?

    Just a hunch but I think they will find a way to make it.

  3. What are you smoking - ORCL has the most widely used RDBMS in existence - that alone assures they will stay around. Their Applications Biz is tied with PSFT, and behind SAP...so, not 1st, but a strong 2nd (true - PSFT buying JDE will put them ahead or ORCL, but still...)

    Anyway, with the most widely used RDBMS, and fundamentally very strong financials, I have no idea what you would base your opinion on...
  4. What do you base that statement on? You just make a general statement, with no reasons to back it up? Sounds like you are short ORCL from maybe $8, and think your post here might get people to sell!!!!! LOL
  5. Tea


    Funny thing is, the Oracle deal to buy Peoplesoft makes more sense to me than Peoplesoft buying JD Edwards.

    I can see Oracle doing a Computer Associates - stripping down PSFT and milking it until it as a cash cow. They eliminate a competitor on high end deals. I doubt that the regulators or the Fortune 1000 businesses would like it or allow it.

    JDE - they primarily run on IBM AS400 with the same product set as PSFT. You can't merge the products. The only thing that would make sense is for PSFT to do to JDE what Oracle wants to do to PSFT.

  6. nkhoi


    haft way thru a big migration from CA to Oracle, CA convention is all dry up but Oracle convention is flying, they will be around for another 25 months.
  7. Hardly seems likely that Oracle's going to disappear in the next couple of years - but don't base it on a convention. The last user convention NextStep had was flying too - but it still failed in the market place.

    If Steve Jobs hadn't gone back to Apple and then used Apple's money to buy his failing NextStep company (a pretty incestuous deal there), NextStep would have just sank beneath the waves even while the NS zealots shouted "but it's not fair - it's better".

    How hopping a user convention is, isn't a predictor of market success.
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    It really doesn't seem the right time to spend 5 billion dollars to squash competion . It could lead to Oracles' undoing.
  9. What did AOL did do? Does?
  10. DHOHHI


    I think Ellison is a bit scared ... thus his hostile bid.

    JDEC and PSFT are perhaps more complementary than you realize. PSFT screwed up a few years ago trying to get into the manufacturing apps arena and struggled to compete with SAP. By buying JDEC they (PSFT) acquire around 6500 customers as well as JDEC strength in the mid-market and Europe.
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