Will Obama's Stolen SS# Sink Him Now?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. pspr


    Obama is Mr. Fraud from top to bottom.

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  2. Brass


    You stupid, stupid birther. Please donate all of your functioning organs without delay. As for whatever's left, perhaps Alpo will give you a sniff.
  3. Where in the Constitution does it say that a valid SS# is required to be President?
  4. 2 weeks ago pspr was predicting that fast and furious would be Obamas watergate and that would sink him, before that the birther issue would sink him now he places his hopes some SS number bullshit LOL !!!
  5. Brass


    I'm pretty sure this SSN BS is birther-laden. Variations on a theme.
  6. Politics aside, with the birther issue if they could prove their assertion they could make a constitutional legal case.

    There's no legal case to be found here at all. Zero. It will be dismissed by the judge as moot. Even if they prove their assertion, it has no effect because there's no Constitutional requirement for a valid SS# to either run for, or serve as, President of the United States. Case closed.
  7. As a "birther" myself, I have to say there is no point anymore. We all know Obama is not going to win the next election and proving that the left was duped by a guy from Kenya isnt going to help our country anymore. The damage is already done. No way to unspend that $6 trillion dollars he added to the debt. Even if its proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he lied, whats going to happen? Put him in jail and cost the taxpayers even more money?

    Lets just face it...he scammed the left, hook, line & sinker and they will never know it. We'll never get any satisfaction, so no point to keep raising the issue.
  8. Just like birthers knew the birther issue would get him out of office LOL !!!
  9. jem


    b.s. most want the court to rule of the definition of natural born citizens
    we could have two problems in this election.

    Obama with one foreigner parent and rubio with 2.

    I suggest we have no standard and let schartzenegger or putin run.

    I am sure soros could raise a lot of money and get pelosi and reid to support putin in 2016.
  10. pspr


    It's high crimes and misdemeanors to fraudulently use someone else's social security number. It's illegal. And, the legal term is "fraud".
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