Will Obama's jobs plan improve the economy?

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  1. Come on...building a bridge with unionized labor...is that going to improve the economy?
  2. No. He'll just borrow some more money and distribute it to his union constituents.
  3. I had my own business. My neighbor, Mr Jones (we had friendly competition over the years- who keeping up with who) worked for the gov't. He retired started his own business. I asked him how he is making out, "not even covering costs" "maybe next year" I said, lmao. This is called a hobby, join the freakin club.

    Rules and regulatiions are designed for the perfect world, the reality is, mistakes are made, things happen beyond our control in business, whatever, there is just no room for error.

    Even for the entrpreneur who never makes a mistake, he deals on a daily basis with people who make critical mistakes (based on the same rules and regulations designed for the perfect world) who then can't pay their bills.
  4. a 2% payroll tax credit for small business is borrowing money to give to your union constituents?
  5. Social Security is already running at a current deficit. So now we're going to collect even less of those funds... Sure, it's "stimulus", but it's also stupid.

    The Talking Heads on CNBS this morning asked the question, "What does Wall Street want to hear from Odumbo"?

    How about, "I don't have a clue... this job is too much for me (except for the snazzy vacations, of course)... therefore, I'm resigning immediately".
  6. --Tax credits for employers who hire.
    But if there is no demand, why would a company hire someone to sit around doing nothing?
    -- A major school construction initiative.
    But there are plenty of schools under enrolled, why build schools to have them empty?
    -- Aid to local governments to prevent layoffs of teachers and other workers.

    and when the money runs out? back on the streets. if they do not need the teachers in the first place what will they do?
    --Other tax help for businesses, such as continuing to allow them to deduct the full value of new equipment.

    They will just pocket the savings not hire anyone.

    Since Obama took office in January 2009, nearly 2 million Americans have lost jobs. Almost 14 million people are out of work.
    The unemployment rate, which stood at 5 percent at the start of the deep recession and 7.8 percent when Obama began in office, is at 9.1 percent. Most troubling is the trend line. After a period of steady if modest job creation, employers have stopped hiring. There was no net change in jobs in August.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/201...tting-jobs-putting-gop-on-spot/#ixzz1XMinEg4u
  7. Stupid ass post.

    Has any of OBAMA's plans worked yet?

    Ass clown.
  8. But 30,000 jobs, roughly 10 percent of the company’s work force, could be eliminated over the next three years as a result of the restructuring initiative known as Project New BAC.

    Obama's fav bank.

    By the way, BAC is a Quazi Federal Bank. It was started by the GOV. Do you research and home work about how the FED's created BAC.
  9. This is DELICIOUS
  10. Lucrum


    "Will Obama's jobs plan improve the economy?"

    1) He has no real plan

    2) Even if he did it wouldn't work because he has no concept of economics
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