Will Obamacare Pass? The people are saying, "WE DON'T WANT THIS!!"

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  1. A significant majority of Americans a voicing their objections.. But will it pass anyway?

    Will the power-hungry desires of 300-ish politicians override the majority wishes of 300,000,000 citizens?

    If so, what does that say about [the former] "land of the free"?

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  2. You know what is funny? MSNBC a.k.a. Obama News Network/ Keith Olbermann regularly says that the majority wants the public option, i actually think that Dems are convinced at this point that the majority wants a public option, when the polls show it going OVERWHELMINGLY the other way. Personally i could care less, they will not get the votes to pass it, and all the Dems who vote for it are committing political suicide, if anything Obama's enormous failure is good for our side.
  3. At this point it does not matter than much. The public option/medicare take over has been removed. At this point Obama is trying to save face. He does not care what is in it as long as he appears to have a victory. He will sign anything.
  4. And what they sign in will end up as a tax for employers, and a tax on people paying for their own insurance, the real burden will be if the government takes over health insurance altogether and starts rationing, which is inevitable. Even from this piece of shit he will try to pass the cost for everyone is going to skyrocket. The thing i dont get is why everyone is so resistant to opening up the option of being able to insure yourself through any healthcare provider you choose regardless of state, that is the real key.
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    You know what's going to happen that has me scared shitless? The Democrats in the Senate will end up passing a health bill w/out the public option, or the early medicare enrollment option.

    BUT......... The Senate Bill would then go to committee with the House Bill that passed with a public option. All the Democrats would have to do is put the public option back in, and since it already passed the House, it will sail through there once again with no problem. Then, when the final bill with the public option comes back to the Senate, they would only need 51 votes for final legislation approval. It then goes to Obama to sign. Don't be fooled!!!! That ridiculous public option will make it's way back in, you can bank on it!!!! This is why the bill needs to be killed in the Senate right now, or else that single payer, socialized, rationed care public option will be back.
  6. Al Gore says we only have 5-7 years left before we all drown and Obama says if the health care isn't passed the economy will blow.

    HELP US!
  7. Because that could very well solve the problem but that would actually mean the government would have to be less involved than it already is now.

    And what they really aspire to is controlling even more.
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    Those fear mongering liberals.
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    Of course, "the people" said they wanted Obama, too.
  10. Once ObamaCare fails, what monstrosity is next, ramp up of ridiculous EPA regulations to destroy American companies?
    These jokers are a f'n disaster.

    Look at what the Irish are doing to keep their ship from listing. They're operating their economy like a good business. They are currently cutting costs everywhere they can, even cutting government salaries, 10, 15 sometimes 20%. What are these assholes doing? Exactly the opposite. They make me sick.
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