will Obama tap dance his way out -crisis

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  1. will Obama tap dance his way out of this economic crisis ?or will he break dance his way out? personally i think the deficit will actually increase when you factor in all the entitlement programs but he will have toforgoe some of the programs he either wants to expand or enact. he seems like a compassionate guy and wants to do whats best. lets give him a shot.
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    Just don't forget to lube up.
  3. I agree with 'hood. I didn't fully agree with either candidate, but hey, the guy got elected so let's see what happens.

    I'd say the same if McCain had been elected.

    I have contingency plans in place to protect myself financially. But I would like to stay here in my home country and continue to enjoy a reasonable lifestyle here, if possible.
  4. Talking from experiences:D
  5. If you're on the "receiving end" of what you're alluding to, I don't think you traditionally have much choice about lube/no-lube. :cool:
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UcSa5rgb6k

    If Obama really does take away wasteful spending in government, then that is more money to use for a better economy. That is his plan in this speech.
    Time will tell, yes?