Will Obama get reelected?

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  1. I know it's too early to say, but, What you think?

    For one thing poor people are stupid.
    For other he can't go forever with the "we inherited this crisis" speech.

    BTW, Carter missed reelection, and Obama is very similar to Carter in many ways.
  2. Obama is nothing like Carter

    Romney is the only Repub who has a chance to beat Obama,But the Repubs wont nominate him

    The Repubs don't have a Ronald Reagan,They have Jindal and Palin
  3. The Marxists surrounding Obama are in the process of destroying
    his presidency. The smartest thing he could is kick them all out and change course. He cannot do that because he owes them
    and they know it. His goose is cooked. No second term.
  4. I remember when most on here said Obama would never get elected.I cant wait for 2012 just so I can once again laugh at these same people
  5. Yes

  6. +1

    I really hope the Republicans find their former selves, as of about 40 years ago, and lean heavily towards the Paul-libertarian conservatism, rather than the empty head Palin-populism.
  7. Obama has not proved squat yet. Trying to ramrod a health care plan with declining tax revenue and some state governments
    set to implode.

    The idiots around him have no regard for fiscal restraint and
    are going to make Bush look like a Boy Scout compared to obama
    with all the money printing.

    This guy has already proved he is an economic neophyte.

    and screw all the "change" when you lose your job and have
    difficulty finding another.

    Name one thing besides stimulus he has done so far in this regard. Just making it worse as far as I can see.
  8. If the current spending and growth track of the federal government continues, then I would say Mr. Obama does not stand a chance.
  9. I hope things get much worse. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you want positive change), I think they will.

    I love my country, and think that's what it will take in order for people to realize the system is corrupt and do something about it - they have to feel max pain; the sheeple, before they'll actually get truly angry.

    Ron Paul 2012.
  10. It is the only way they can save themselves. I can't tell u how many fence sitting dems, probably the former Reagan dems, that went Obama but would have gone Paul were he on the ticket.

    Ron Paul could very well have been President if the pubs had stopped to listen to him.
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