Will Obama Blame George Bush Tonight

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 6, 2012.

Will Obama Blame George Bush In His DNC Acceptance Speech?

  1. Yes, It's All Bush's Fault

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  2. No, Obama Will Man Up To His Failures

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  3. Obama Will Mention Bush But Not Blame Him

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  1. pspr


    Will Obama mention George Bush in his DNC speech tonight and will he blame him for some (or all) of his failures the last four years?
  2. Brass


    Why didn't Bush speak at the RNC? Why was he not even mentioned?
  3. Odumbo is the "buck stops there" president.
  4. Will he come right out and say GW screwed you and me? Highly unlikely. We'll hear a lot of, I inherited, the previous administration, we can't undo the past in such a short amount of time...
    While it's true GW left him and the nation a bag of shit, it's been nearly four years. The people know what's reality and what the smoke and mirrors economy really is. He'll be covering that turd with lot's a gold paint, but a turd is a turd. The conventions sway no votes. Just a show by both parties. People like a circus.
  5. Brass


    Yeah, Cap'n, everyone knows that if everything is done absolutely wrong for a full 8 years and the economy is brought to its knees and on the precipice of a depression, the whole mess can be reversed in a mere fraction of that time. Historical precedent, right? :p
  6. JamesL


    Does a bear shit in the woods?

    He will undoubtedly use the latest DNC meme more than once - the Bush Recession - much to the joy of many of our own ET versions of "Tingles"
  7. Brass


  8. pspr


  9. A "mere fraction" implies a small amount, like a few months. The time frame is nearly 50%. That's no small amount of time. He blew the first two years simply because he's a hard headed ideologue. That's a common trait for those that come out of Academia. Lot's of theory on the way things should work, completely out of touch with the way things do work. I see it a lot in manufacturing as well. Bunch of fresh faced, bright eyed people who know all the buzz words, and can whip up a project time line in a jiffy. The meetings go swimmingly. Then reality hits.
  10. Lucrum


    "Tingles", hey brASS hole you reading this? That would make a great next alias for you. Tingles. You're about due for banning #3 anyway aren't you?
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