Will Next LARGE Intraday Drop Be Flash or Flush?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, May 25, 2010.

Will Next Huge Intraday Drop Noticeably Reverse The Same Day?

  1. Flash Drop (large intraday reversal)

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  2. Flush Drop (NO significant same day reversal)

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  1. You all remember how on May 6th the market dropped like a rock only to reverse very quickly. I will refer to this type of crash as Flash Crash just as the media calls it.

    Another scenario is quite possible when there is no significant reversal on Day 1. I will refer to it as Flush Crash (as in flushing longs down the toilet).

    My question is: if we do have another large drops like on May 6th, what kind will it be?
  2. 1) 0-2
    2) If the market "adheres' to history, the next record-breaking downday should occur in the Fall and be a "one-way" affair. We'll see. :eek: :( :D