Will never understand...

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  1. What is the purpose of making the shots like this one??They even hang them on the wall sometimes...


    ''I went fishing,look how big i was..''

    Or is there something that i don`t understand?
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    Those are Mahi Mahi, or Dolphin - they have a two year lifespan, and are considered by conservationists to be a renewable resource.

    Tuna and Sharks and most any other fish, you have a point.
  3. timbo


    Yes! These guys are pussies. Noodling separates the sport.
  4. you didn`t,unfortunately..:D

    I didn`t mean why they annihilate Mahi Mahi..I always wondered WHAT is the purpose of the snapshots, photographs like this one.

    ''Look! It`s ME and Mahi Mahi''

    I`ll never understand the hunters either..
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    You are effeminate.
  6. Oh-ho-ho-ho-hoo

    And those three shitheads are the REAL men.SURE!!!

    I fished out hundreds of tons of salmon,fyi.But you won`t find any single snapshot with myself and fish
  7. p.s. you still didn`t get the point..
  8. Pathetic topic in my opinion, each and everyone has a void to fill involving success, in a fair retrospect a daytrader may seem just as pathetic to many , sitting in front of a computer all day, ( some taking pictures of their setup ) looking at colors and numbers and lines all caused by thousands of others sitting in front a computer all day, all for the purpose of having
    " that mental picture" of who has the biggest pile of paper, with dead peoples faces on them, with digits which decipher what supposed status they can have in society. so stop thinking your better than everyone else, to each there own, and likely your just overcompensating for your lack of understanding in yourself by looking down on others for there happiness. to each there own. get it now? or are you just lost like the rest?

    ps: a picture is a capture of a memory to reflect mentally on by choice upon a physical action.

    and your just avoiding self discovery every time you think your digging deep into anothers perception.

    and im also just as pathetic to take enough energy to place judgment on your concerns about others personal choice.
  10. i got it centuries ago.no,i`m streets ahead of such brain damaged like on this picture above.
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