Will never invest in any public company again.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by businessstaxes, Sep 16, 2010.

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    why give money to rich people or give money to fraudsters.

    no reason for working class people to own stocks.

    the stock market is only good for one thing 'gambling' trading. even gov't t-bonds are a scam now with USD and manipulation by FED making nothing on t-bills.
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    Maybe you should just go away and stop thinking about it. :p
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    too much fraud in wall street. don't trust these people. just look at the madoff ripoffs and etc..the history of wall street is just full of fraud after fraud.

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    Does that mean you going to be shorting public companies now or is it your acceptance speech for not knowing how to trade the markets?

    I love these posts, there is a SELL and SHORT button in your broker somewhere, feel free to use it.
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    I just looked at al the stocks I used to own and sadly many of them are delisted,bankrupted or lost 90% of value...stocks are just not worth it in the long run.--i sold out before they got delisted and bankrupted,,although i made money on someone them,,,it still sucks..when a company goes bankrupt that you once owned and had faith in..and actually recommend it . and now as i look back it was a scam. the jokes on me. feel like a fool..

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    thats true

    capitalism new rule bail out rich and let middle class die...

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  8. Trading and investing was never ment to be as it is.

    Read history.

    Wallstreet is a joke and yes the RICH pulled out a long time ago.
    Most wealthy have moved money into other areas, not to return.

    Most wealthy business owners now keep 99% of their profits, in their company.

    And the "SHORT" button is there.

    This guy has the same frame of mind as 90% of American, as far as not investing in stocks. the 5% make up ET wana be traders who champion the market and the other 5% are Soros, Buffet etc who have no choice but to stay in.

    Aurthur Anderson got caught cooking the books in the late 99, early 2000. Think about that for a second. And do you think only their "10K" reporting for Public Companies was cooked? That was the wake up call.

    There is room for Wallstreet, but it will never be the same street again.
  9. Unfortunately, the SHORT button on most dogshit stocks can't be used until you pay to get a locate on shares to borrow. The stock loan racket eats up a huge portion of the money you make shorting the stock.

    Even worse, many of the real dogshit stocks are impossible to borrow because the big players won't lend the shares b/c they're keeping the shorts for themselves.
  10. The answer to this thread is that most people have short memories and greed usually triumphs over fear in the long run.
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