Will my track record raise good money?

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    1 i need overnight buying powers, not intra day.
    2 trader is SELF employeed. fund manager is HIRED. very different. when i tell others' i am a trader, they see me as a loser. when i tell them i am a fund manager, they repect me. big difference.
    3 why Buffet ran others' money? with one's own money, the sky is very limited.
    4 if you can raise 10-15 millions. help me raise an extra $2m, or maybe we can be partners and i only manage $2m of the total fund.
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    Show a real broker statement for the same period. You might get some takers.

    Anyone can make chart.

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  3. It's starting to sound like you want to trade someone's money just so you can get respect from your family and close friends because they would then see you as a fund manager.

    If so, your doing this (trying to raise additional money) for the wrong reason.

    Also, as others said, with your account size...

    Keep trading, keep making profits and you would have then raised the money your asking for.

    Next, incorporate or LLC your trading into a business entity and then call yourself whatever you want to get that respect you seek via some title.

    Also, setup a business account with your bank and make sure you do regular deposits (preferrably direct deposits) to establish yourself with your bank because you may need their help in the future.

    Further, I've personally met traders like you (trying to get respect from family or close friends) and the one common thing I notice was that they didn't treat their trading like a business nor discuss it like a business with family and friends even though they (trader) took his/her trading very seriously.

    Simply, they gave their family and friends the impression that trading was a serious hobby and not an actual business.

    For example, the other day I was on the phone with a close friend and he asked me how was trading.

    I told him I was currently looking for another backup broker, increasing the amount of profits I sweep out of my account so that I can increase the monthly deposit into my childrens education (college) fund along with complaining about my trading instrument moving to a different exchange that could result in an increase in the cost of doing business.

    In comparison, about a month ago I asked a trading pal how was trading and he responded by telling me he's making a killing et cetera.

    You may also want to consider setting up an actual home office (looks like any other office on the inside) or renting a small office space like any other business.

    My point, you will only get respect if they know and see that this is a business instead of them seeing you as only a trader.

    In addition, don't underestimate the power of impression.

    For example, you clearly stated you have profit loss statements but when you posted an example of your profits...

    You made a choice to only show a spreadsheet instead of a broker profit loss statement.


    Thus, don't do stuff like this with family, close friends nor business associates.

    Be professional and treat your trading like a business.

    P.S. At the minimum, setup a website to attract potential capital via posting up to date results of your trading along with broker statements...

    Get a professional to design a simple website for you and there are tons of sites already doing this to attract investors in all kinds of business ventures.

    It's a start and could lead to something.

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