Will my current employer know I'm being sponsored for the 7&66

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dehalley, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. dehalley


    I'm currently series 6&63 license and a company is willing to sponsor me to take the series 7&66. Will my current employer know that this other company has open this window for me. I am seeking other employment opportunities and this company is not requring me to quite m y job until I pass the exam.
  2. 2ez


    not sure i would want to work for a place that bends rules like this.

    You should be registered on www.nasdr.com since y ou have the 6 and 63. if you have any changes in employment, you are required to update your U4...

    since they are giving you the sponsorship for the exam......how will they categorized this......are they considering you a temp employee ?
  3. dehalley


    Well they want me to pay for my own exam.They stated that they will do a background check to open the window for me. I explained to them if I have to pay for my own exam than I can not quit my current job. They understood that. That is why I was told that it would be ok to continue to work at my current employer.