Will Muslim extremists learn from the example set in Egypt?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Will Muslim extremists learn from the example set in Egypt? By any account it was a pretty peaceful protest in Egypt, given the number of people involved.

    Does anyone here think that these dipshit suicide bombers will learn they can get their way through peaceful protest?

    If anything good comes of this situation in Egypt i would hope it would be that these twisted Dumb fuck suicide bombers learn that peaceful protest is a much more viable solution to attaining your goal. (especialy since you remain alive at the end)

    Admittedly i have very little faith that the suicide bombers will learn from this, but here is to hoping that Jihad Al-Jazeera will learn his lesson.
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    I doubt it.
  3. People who commit suicide as a process of a greater crime are God's way of saying fuck you to the people of this planet. Think about it; this bitch kills her husband & 3 kids and then herself, what are you going to do about it? What can anyone do about it? Who are you going to punish to calm the society? Who are you going to bring to justice to soothe the people who have now been affected by this event or the news of this event?

    The employees of the law enforcement agency didn't get a task to work on as a result of this crime, why? Cause it's already solved, and there's no criminal to capture. The employees of the judicial system didn't get any work as a result of this either. What to do? What to do? Yes, set up an agency that tries to detect or predict such a crime before it takes place, and thus prevent it from happening. Well since given the right circumstances and so the right mentality, anyone regardless of their age, sex, race, social class, ... is capable of such a crime, the agency is left with no chance but to try and analyze as many people's behaviors and actions as possible. But it's not working, why oh why? Maybe cause they don't have enough employees, maybe they need at least one employee per person. Or maybe cause they aren't spending enough money on gadgets and systems that can help identify a threat, for instance maybe they need a device that enables them to see under people's clothes, or maybe they need a tool with which they can listen to what everyone and anyone is saying.

    "There you go" says God, "You are now fucked eternally, trying to fight death from the time you came into existence, and now trying to fight the dead. Good luck with that you suckers"
  4. Hi Hello,

    I can understand your fear and frustration (See my above post).

    Most suicide bombers are not trying to "get their way". They are killing others to get revenge. Yes, revenge.

    The only thing they will learn is that killing others even if it means dying as a result of it (aka suicide bombing) is a way of getting revenge that works (Again see my above post).
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    Killing someone to get revenge is the same as killing someone for a purpose.

    When a radicasl whackjob goes out and suicide bombs a building he still has an end result in mind. For example, someone may go out with a bomb strapped to his chest to kill as many americans as possible, but the reason he wants to kill those americans is because he thinks if he kills enough of them they will change their policy. Spite has a motive.... its not a simple act of killing for the sake of killing.
  6. Revenge in and of itself is the end. That is the definition of revenge. Revenge is not an attempt to change someone's behavior or mind. Revenge is an act in which you hurt the other person because of a bad feeling you have towards that person. Getting rid of a hatred or other bad feeling you have towards someone by inflicting pain upon them or killing them is what revenge is.

    Getting revenge is like ejaculating inside or on someone, you release the feeling that has built up inside of you, into or onto someone else, by fucking them. Thus, revenge in and of itself is the end.