Will Mozillo eventually serve jail time ?

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  1. Not based on anything in the article you linked.

  2. How about the fact that during early 2007 he was forecasting good times for Countrywide, while personally selling hundreds of millions of dollars in stock. Also,he just looks like a crook.
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    Hey, this paesano is going to be made the
    sacrificial lamb. Over the past year he was dumping his stock by thousands of shares day after day. As much as he LEGALLY could. As fast as he could. Somebody is going to burn for this, and he looks, acts, and is the one in the gun sight.
  4. I've called for the perp walk for a VERY long time now.

    Scum w/Tan
  5. LOL! Good one! You been around the markets long? So now you want to throw the guy in jail for being wrong in his forecast? LOL! You're killing me. Yeah, he also sold stock under a disposition plan legally filed and disclosed in advance with the SEC.

    You guys need to come up with something else. LOL.

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    That has nothing to do with it. When the politicians want to make an example of somebody after the fact, they are going to make an example of somebody. Him. He looks like a villain. Politicians do one thing good. Posture. This guy and his millions are going to go down hard. Oh, LOL to you to. But wait a minute, let's be even more cute.
    ROTFLMFAO. Is that better?

  7. Ding Ding Ding..

    They did it to Martha Stewart. It helped get Spitzer elected governor.
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    from the hearing just last week ...they might give the guy a medal... :D ...
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    CEOs and insider types sell stock for all kinds of reasons, some have nothing to do with the evaluation they hold of the future prosperity of the company they run.
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