WILL MISS this market!

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  1. If anyone is going to make millions and change their lives it's in markets like this.

    alot have talked about losing. but livermores of today are making a killing.

    someday everyone will look back and imagine the possibilites and miss the volatility of today.

    don't be scared, you only live once. join the fun.

    I'm proud of Stephen Cohen and his crowd manipulating some stocks recently. when there is a big loot no one really pays attention to details.

    have some balls and make some big bets. you shouldnt be trying to make small amounts for 10 years. in the long run we're all dead. bet big. win big.
  2. Thats all well and good...until you bet big and are WRONG. Its easy to sit here and say go big (especially since you are not a trader). But putting your money where your mouth is is another thing altogether

  3. I think you are confused. Las Vegas is in Nevada not in New York.
  4. I guess he forgot "bet big, lose big" is also a possiblity.
  5. Another nontrader idiot. Mate these are tough for day trading as due to the vol I have had to reduce my size by half and double my stops and am still unedr pressure. sure you can make a killing when it goes your way but getting stopped a few times hurts and takes a lot of discipline to keep following your plan.

    Swing traders must be really hurting 4% 3% down etc,etc fuck me thats nasty
  6. but if your edge is sharp enough, that doesn't happen right?
  7. I agree. This last 5 or so days has been great for traders.
  8. Agreed.
    There seems to be a ton of these morons running around on ET these days.... and for some strange reason the owner of ET doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

    Trying to keep "web-activity" up in order to market that data to potential advertisers?
  9. The key is to know when to go big. You will not get rich unless you make a monster bet. Safety reduces profits, this has been well documented.

    Bet big if you can catch a parabolic trend. How to do this is up to the individual trader.

    Peter Lynch used to talk about a 10 bagger. There are some millionaires made from shorting BSC. It was there for the taking.

    To be big, you will have to bet big.

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  10. Well I guess we have to define BIG. Is it 10% of your net worth, 20, 50....?
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