Will Metal Mining Stocks Break Down Further?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ByLoSellHi, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone. I've perused these forums for a little while, and decided to sign up.

    Here's my basic question:

    Do many people share the sentiment that copper, nickel and zinc mining stocks will degrade substantially going forward?

    I know that all the talk of commodity utilization by BRIC has everyone mesmerized, but if the U.S. experiences a marked economic slowdown, given that the U.S. market is still the largest destination for these materials, won't that 1) materially and adversely affect demand, and 2) cause sickness in the economies of BRIC (which export a great deal to the U.S.), further adversely affecting demand?

    I'm thing of buying put options in the likes of Phelps Dodge - maybe the Jan 08 Puts.

    Thanks in advance.