Will $LINC Hold Next Major Support?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Aschachter, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. $LINC shares have slumped about 18 percent after the for-profit education company announced on June 20th it will be closing 5 of its 38 campuses in order to augment the company’s financial.

    I will solely emphasize on a daily time frame, identifying various S&R levels that could be very profitable if executed with a proper strategy and risk management. I am going to start off by covering the first enclosed image that basically focuses on three main events:

    (1) The stock saw a breakout below a 7-month ascending trendline.
    (2) $LINC has built a decent price action along a Fibonacci retracement setup; my next price target is around the 25 percent line ($5.00).
    (3) Another simple strategy that should not be overlooked is the Slow Stochastic oversold/bought levels; this accompanied with price reaching a major support/resistance, might indicate a possible trend reversal.

    In the second image I highlight a graphical forecast of a probability cone I placed from June 2012. Basically, it indicates a set of probable future price ranges which $LINC might encounter. The forecast has proven itself in numerous occasions, validating my price target mentioned before around the lower blue line; proximate to the $5 dollar mark.

    Alexander Schachter