Will lightspeed ever fix there frozen quotes?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jnorty, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. jnorty


    i'm about ready to leave them as there quotes are freezing all day long every single day on any vol spike for anyone trading remote. its pitiful in this day and time they can't fix the problem when firms like redi plus or echo never have problems. its just constant excuses that its not on there end but the net providers fault. they need to hire some programmers from the above firms to find out what there problem is. i love the platfrom and don't want to leave but its becoming unbearable.
  2. mtt


  3. I am aware of other traders that have been having issues with lightspeed at times when there is heavy volume but Redi has held up just fine.

    I believe this concern is valid, at least lightspeed needs to acknowledge there is some sort of issue and let us know the steps they are taking to at least investigate and hopefully remedy.
  4. lpchad


    It seems these issues started when volume spiked last fall. If you look at volume over the past few years it isn't even comparable from 2000-Summer 2008 and Summer 2008-Present.

    Once volume returns to more normal levels I think lightspeed should perform better. Why upgrade for this now when they are likely to just have excess capacity when normal volume conditions return?
  5. jnorty - where are you trading from? That will help Lightspeed address your problem? Also, ahve you called their desk?