Will Liberals use a bull market as hype for Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Will the same party or ideologues use the very mechanism they trashed, that is wall street, to pump up Obama as doing well and having the economy on the right track?

    Just wondering if the same people that called wall street evil, blood suckers, manipulators, etc. will now abandon their original view of wall street since the market is going up?
  2. Did conservatives use the markets abrupt drop after his nomination?

    Think about it.
  3. Sure they did, but conservatives never questioned the integrity of the market either. They believe in free markets so yeah, they can make reference to it during good times or bad. Sure.
  4. The integrity of the market? The market is a mob of fearful and greedy people. It can push our country forward or wipe us out. The idea that the market signals in anyways how our country is really doing is funny. It's at its highest when things are really at their worst. It's a casino where fear and greed rule. And I don't hear any of them praising Obama for he recent rally either.
  5. Yeah I remember the last time their was a democrat as President he was such a loser they impeached him. The guy flat out commited perjury. The response from the democrats was "nevermind the fact that perjury is felony, look at the stock market, folks."

    Of course we watched the market with horror as the market built on Clinton lies, came crashing down.

    Now we are in the same situation. It is truely amazing that it took democrat control of congress less than 2 years to destroy the economy.
  6. what bull market?

    do you mean the bull within a secular bear market?

    the grapes of wrath await B O
  7. yeah, obviously this may still be a bear market but I'm just saying..
  8. you actually blame one party for this? lol what a joke. And under Clinton the economy expanded at its fastest rate ever. Revenues were up under Bush also. "built on clinton lies" haha what does that even mean. Let me guess, the CRA caused it all...lol