Will Jon Stewart Destroy Cramer's "Career"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by flytiger, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. If Cramer had kept his mouth shut (right) and let this go, he might have been able to bullshit his way thru this minefield . As it is, he looks as hapless as Stan Laurel in a Silent short. And he's going to go on live tomorrow night? Bad advice. You can't beat a professional comic. Ask any heckler. Enjoy. Because this has already gotten 200,000 hits at CC

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  2. no- quite the opposite. Cramer and CNBC absolutely love this controversy. Its tons of free advertising for them. People will tune in to find out "what he'll say next" see Stern, Howard.
  3. JB3


    Seriously, no one even pays attention to Cramer except sheep. So Cramer is about entertainment, and lots of "advice" mixed with stupid sound effects and outrageousness. They love this exposure.
  4. cramer, at least to me, is a symbol of this horrible period. To see someone take him on, and shut him up is tonic for the soul.

    I don't think we can get by this until he's gone, by whatever means that takes. He'll do himself in.

    Mr. Market does not suffer fools for long.
  5. As I blogged the other day:

    "The bit is funny but Stewart is a tool of the left. What's been the bigger catalyst for meltdown the past year-the rise of Obama or CNBC? While CNBC may be inept in reporting let alone anticipating events, it's Leftest media douchebags like Stewart who are the CAUSE of the implosion. This would be like a German comedian endorsing Hitler but then blaming the press for inadequately warning the Jews...

    P.S. I could add Cramer to the douchebag list too but certainly not Santelli who was Stewart's primary target.
    Gee come to think of it Stewart and Cramer have a few things in common, eh?
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    Viva La Pendejo's!!!
  7. The "Leftest media douchebags (sic)" caused the implosion? That's rich. The media made banks lend out money to people who couldn't pay it back? Sit down for a few hours and read Barry Ritholtz (http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/)

    You'll learn a few things. The "Leftests" did not make banks take on WAY too much leverage. The "Leftests" did not make people take out mortgages they could not repay. The "Leftests" did not make anyone do LBOs that couldn't possibly work. It was a greed/overleveraging problem, don't put a political spin on it.
  8. Correct.
  9. Where was SPX when it became apparent Obama would become President? What did SPX do the day after the election? The day after the inauguration? The day of his stimulus bill? The day after his budget?
  10. The Democrats forced Fannie and Freddie to give out mortgages to people that they knew wouldn't be able to pay them off.

    That combined with the greed/stupidity of the American populace got the snowball rolling downhill.
    #10     Mar 11, 2009