Will Joe Lieberman be John McCain's Vice-President?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TraderC, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. TraderC


    In case you've been so caught up in the battle royale of the Democratic primaries, Joe Lieberman has been escorting John McCain around Iraq and Israel, acting as his assisted living caretaker.

    Not only has Lieberman once or twice bailed McCain out of his confusion between Sunnis and Shiites, he most recently saved McCain from his equating the Jewish Holiday of Purim with Halloween while jaunting around Israel.

  2. Joe and Mac have been buddies for a long time, but I doubt he puts him on the ticket. I think he goes for someone more conservative, maybe from the south to shore up that block.

    I vote Romney, but that won't happen either. Mac hates Romney.
  3. Reagan used to hate Bush.
  4. hughb


    I'm sticking my neck out and saying he will pick Carly Fiorina for his VP.