Will it work today?

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  1. I have a system that doesn't matter if market is up or down it'll work....

    Here is the thing...using hypothetical numbers, I find 5-7 point moves
    and try to grab 4-5 points...The problem is that yesterday the usual moves were only 1-2 points so I either scratched or lost a few ticks...

    Today I was nervous that would happen again ad grabbed a few ticks here and there....looking back the day would've been perfect to get the 5-7 points so what do I do?

    Any advice is appreciated unless it's EMG.
  2. 98% Traders Lose

  3. Hahaha.

    Instead of thinking in ticks/points, you could try to manage the position size in terms of percentage/volatility. Would that help and is that possible within your system?
  4. NoDoji


    You have a plan that you follow knowing it will work positively OVER TIME. If you keep reacting to each day's action and changing your plan, you'll chase your tail until you dig a hole just deep enough for your capital to be sucked into.

    I have trading plan where I won't accept a profit less than X on a trade. There may be a period of time while I'm trading where I scratch several trades in a row because they never meet my minimum target. If I start scalping profits at a lesser level, then I condition myself to cut winners short and ruin my edge.
  5. Soon2be great...what do you mean?

    NoDoji a good point once again :)

  6. Its YOUR system and you're asking US what to do?

    Another live one.

    And as expected backs the wrong horse - meaning what?

    As the DISEASE he cuts access to the CURE, EMG. :D :D :D

  7. Say what? Just a few weeks ago it stood at 95%. Man has it gotten that bad so fast? 3% point increase in a few weeks? :D :D