Will it be possible to hit 10k in Dow and 2000 in Nasdaq?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Considering the current fears on recession and decrease in consumer spending , inflated dollar, increasing OIL and GOLD, decrease in retail sales, decrease in jobs etc etc.

    Can we see Dow around 10000 and Nasdaq around 2000 and S&P around 1200 by end of 2008 ?
  2. I doubt they will recover that much by the end of the year.

    Better wait until 2010 at least.

  3. ggoyal


    It is possible, but not likely. thats a 30% drop.
  4. This is what causes market rallies.
  5. we could. i think 11,200 is more likely but would not be surprised if we hit 10,000/ depends how long or deep the recession is.then again we can bounce to 14k in 3 months. i am just not smart enough to make such progostications but no,10k would not be a shock.
  6. if the 40 trillion dollar CDS market tanks, i hope we hold 10k
  7. David Tice thinks so. The ultimate bear.
  8. Anyone still think the Dow will hit 10,000 by year end?

    I think I was optimistic about 2010.
  9. Likely 5,000 before 10,000... maybe even 3,000.
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    Get yer DOW 10k caps on around 2030.
    #10     Nov 20, 2008