Will Israel Sink The Two Iranian War Ships?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Egypt has approved the passage of two Iranian navy ships through the Suez Canal, an army source said, a move that could annoy Israel, whose foreign minister has called Iran's actions a provocation.

    Israel has said these ships may be supplying more arms to Syria which is where they are headed. Israel also said they may take action since this is the first time since 1979 that Iranian ships have steamed through the Suez Canal to flank Israel. Will Israel attempt to board these ships or maybe just sink them as they sail past Israel to Syria?

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    We should get a pool going. I say 2 vessels sunk within one month from today with, say, 8-inch guns. There will be no boarding, these are warships and they get shelling.
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    I think Iran is sending these ships with the intention of provoking Israel into starting a conflict. I think Israel will restrain itself unless fired upon first.

    But, I think Iran said the ships are on a 1 year tour of duty so that is a long time for something to happen. Especially if Israel tries to board another ship headed to Gaza and the Iranian ships try to intervene.
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    Agree but I'm not sure if Israel can afford to allow these ships to operate near their coastal boundries. There will be an incursion into Israeli waters and the Israelis will immediately start shelling.

    It will be over in 20 minutes. The IAF might finish off the vessels if they don't sink.

    Remember, Israel once sunk a US Navy ship for nosing around in the same area. That dog don't hunt.
  5. Israel does not have large enough האשכים
  6. Easy, the Israel government would just say:

    "Whoops, we thought they were the USS Liberty come back to life."
  7. Ok, I'll bite! Would you stick to a bet? I say these two ships will not be touched by Israel. Not now, not later!

    If I am wrong, I will start a thread saying that I am a jackass. If you are wrong, you will do the same.

    What say you?
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    Sammy I'm not sure that is necessary. You've supplied enough direct evidence of that assertion that no further convincing is necessary. Everyone here knows you are a jackass.

    I have to pee. Go get your auntie so that I may rip her burqa off and piss on her forehead as is customary.
  9. Iranian naval vessels entering the Med through Suez Canal........


    Wake me up when the "non event" is over....thanks!
  10. Sameeh, let me get that straight, so if you are wrong you'll start a thread saying that you are a jackass, if he is wrong he'll do the same - that is he'll start a thread that you are a jackass. Right? :)
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