Will IB offer Quarterly statements anytime soon?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nravo, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. nravo


    Combining different monthly downloads is a pain, and the dailies only go back to Feb. 18.
  2. IB, Quarterly would be great for those of us who don't do taxes on the US financial year.
  3. nravo


    All they would need to do is extend the data on daily downloaded statements to 90 days. Currently, it just goes back to Feb 18, 44 days. Doesn't seem like a biggie.
  4. hlu45


    anyone else hating new ib statements

    i used legacy statments but now it seems they're not available
  5. I also dislike the new statements. IB already has the software for the legacy statements, so they should just keep running it.
  6. nravo


    This is a real reversion for them. You can't do YTD statements, or Quarterly statements or merge data beyond 45 days. This is so strange that they put so much effort into customizing these statements, but obliterated the most important feature for customization -- time frame. Really really dumb. Must be a cost cutting move, to avoid saving data.
  7. the news statements suck. the old legacy are much better
  8. nravo


    I tried setting up a poll on IB's polling feature about this. Not sure if it will be accepted.