Will IB list the New ICE traded Crude contracts?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mahram, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. hey will IB get into the fray and list the new ICE crude contracts or will they side with Nymex, and try not to ruffle any feathers and stay with nymex?
  2. just21


    They already have IPE contracts which are part of the ICE.
  3. squeeze


    But not the new WTI contract ICE are about to launch.
  4. just21


    The chances of any exchange taking significant volume from another is extremely low. Last time it happened was the Bund from Liffe to Eurex.
  5. squeeze



    But a lot of people will like a fully electronic light sweet crude contract.
  6. jumper


    i would give it a try the exchange fees are lower.
  7. ktm


    I would like to see options on the electronic contracts. If this gets us closer to that becoming reality, I'm all for it.
  8. squeeze


    Is anyone from IB reading this thread?

    Perhaps you could comment on the availability of these contracts on your platform?
  9. ids


    ICE did not open trading of WTI futures yet. The release date is February 3. IB will try to offer these futures at the first day of trading. ICE options went trough a long discussion on ET some time ago. IB does not offer options because of not existing liquidity.
  10. According to this page:


    brent options ARE available for trading... Anyone tried them? Or is it just an error on the website?
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