Will IB give me the consideration of a return call?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jackstone54, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. This guy Steve keeps coming on here to state that all IB systems are functioning normallyand that they are taking calls within a few minutes.

    I dunno. I have been on the phone for what seems like hours wanting to discuss a trade. I have left messages and without a return call.

    I have questions about my taxes...questions about my trades...questions about life. I realize TP is a busy man but so am I.

    All I want is my calls to be returned and for someone to at least give me token assistance.

    I dont know who Steve from IB is, but never once have I received a return call from him.

    Im not here to bash IB, all I want is a return phonecall which costs maybe a dime. I just want to ask about taxes and trades, but not a date with Steve.

    Why is IB customer service so shy to deal with customers?
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    The guy "steve" you refer to is in the HK office. He replied to one of your posts last week when you stated no on was picking up the phone when in fact there was no time delay for incoming calls.

    Right now if you want to talk to a rep, you should call the Hong Kong or European CS office. The US office is closed until the AM. Here is a link to the contact info along with the office working hours. (slide down to "contact IB via telephone".