Will IB ever update its Mobile Trader???

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    Does anyone have any idea as to whether or not IB has any plans of updating its Mobile Trader app? ThinkorSwim, Optionsxpress, and even Etrade are all just killing IB's mobile trading platform. I've used Etrade's Mobile Pro on my Crackberry and it's soooo much better then IB's Mobile Trader. I'm starting to spend less time sitting in front of my computer and it would be nice if I could at least get some market data and position info from IB on my Crackberry. It's gotten to the point that I'm thinking of closing out my account, but I'd rather stay with IB as long as they have some type of plan for putting out a decent mobile trading app.

    Does anyone know if this is in the works???

    Am I alone on this? IB has always been on the cutting edge of trading technology, but this is a really sad spot in their trading lineup. It seems like they're months, if not years, behind the other brokers when it comes to mobile trading.
  2. I can't even log in to mobile trader. It asks for a passcode, but it won't take the number from the little number generator thingy they sent me in the mail. I'd like to get it working on my iPhone. :(


    Well, I am able to use Mobile Trader, but it's so bad that I choose not to. I've been with IB for 6 or 7 years and I can remember using Mobile Trader on an old Dell PDA with WIFI like 5-years ago and I don't think it has ever been updated. It's odd because back then IB was probalby the only one with any type of mobile technology, and now it probalby has the worst mobile technology in the business.

    Is this just an area that doesn't interest IB?
  4. for a while, I was able to access a beta mobile trader - that was an improvement over the original, but the option disappeared.
  5. They recently came out with a new one that is an attempt at an upgrade. Unfortunately, I find it too unreliable and have resorted to using the old one - limited in ability as it may be.

    I'm going to wear the buttons out on my Treo hitting refresh every minute whenever I'm watching an open futures position. Yes, I'd love to see a more robust mobile program.


  6. Try it with the webtrader via iPhone! :)