Will IB ever offer pit access for futures? I thought they were going to if they got

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  1. Will IB ever offer pit access for futures, I thought they were going to if they won Refco retail side.
  2. - IB does offer Pit trading, but not for retail accounts - Pit traders don't want to be cluttered with 1-lot orders.

    - Man buys Ref

    - I stated in another thread that IB should
    re-think it's electronic policy for at least some contracts:

    It would be great if IB offered Pit trading for retail accounts for a few contracts, namely Nymex Energy Products, Comex Gold + Silver, CBoT Bond Options and CME S&P options

    I don't see how these products will be trading fully electronic in the foreseeable future.
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    it is under consideration.
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    Look at the electronically traded ES options instead of the SP options. They are growing rapidly and some strikes are 2000 up at times.
  5. IB would lose my respect to large extent if they offer pit futures. I bet the operation required would suck up so much money, that IB wouldn't be able to offer clients the trading fees for electronic trading as they could without having an operation up for pit trading.
  6. I could see the pit traders disliking it, but if you have enought Ib'er putting in orders, it adds up. I think they would change their minds.

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    Could have a five lot minimum order.
  8. A commission is a commission -- as long as IB customers paid their commissions I think they'd be laughing all the way to the bank....
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    lose on every trade but make it up in volume. a great business model:D
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    I think you don't understand IB. They are business savvy. If it all adds up and they can make it work, then great for all of us.
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