Will I make it or never post here again?

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Will I earn $1000 before I lose $1000?

  1. Yes you will make it to $6000.

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  2. No you will make it to $4000 blow your mental stop and lose it all!

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  3. You will never make it to either and bounce around in a range.

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  1. JACK

    do you mind me asking how the blazes you only traded stocks for 6 months and are profitable so soon ?

    was it only buys ?
    did you ever go short a stock , even intraday ?
    did you ever use options ?
    do you use any software or backtest any strategies
    before you started to trade stocks ?

    by the way ... are you under 35 ?
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  2. Yup my Short Term Gain has been $49,295.81 and my Short Term Loss $37,746.86. With the result being a net gain of $11,548.95 from July to December. I just ran my account through tradelog to get my Schedule D to do my taxes last week.

    As for how I did it I will honestly say I have no good answer. I studied and read and kinda just jumped in. I have shorted but I would say those trades are a small fraction of my overall trades. I never traded options although I investigated it and considered how to use them. No software use other than my trading platform and no strategy backtesting ever.

    As for the last part, I'm 20 and I'm a junior at a UC getting a degree in economics. I work at a few different places a day or two a week as well as working about 35 hours a week as a network admin for a real estate licensing company. And thats my life.

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  3. you use tradelog ? does this mean you are an active trader who traded everyday ?

    don't tell me you are considering filing for
    "trader status" while still a university student?

    in my opinion ... you might want to check
    out some internship with a trading firm or
    bank if you have a special skill set beyond
    having made a few thousand in the market

    have you ever heard of IBD ? canslim ?
    did you ever trade a CRAMER pick ?

    can you please tell us what percentage of stocks
    you traded were penny stocks if any ?
    what percent were ETF's
    what percent were over $50 a share in price?

    can you give a few examples of winners and losers
    stating why you bought or sold for profit or loss?
    ( if this gives away your secret to making money
    then its ok if you decline to do this )
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  4. ===========

    That sounds somewhat wise , limit losses to 1k AND 1 contract;
    almost certain you will lose with 2 contracts[about 100k +worth]

    Even though papertrade monopely money is nothing like real time; derivatives, papertrade anyway, study the trades;
    NOT likely if you fail in papertrading ,you can do realtime.

    Sounds like you are a quick learner,;
    however options & futures are not suitable for all investors.

    Stocks trend longer usually , wisdom is profitable to direct;
    emini-derivatives reverse much quicker, sharper.

    Usually several high probability setups per day ,sometimes none in ES,YM;
    may want to read Everything on elitetrader.com on ES,YM.

    Stay out of sideways slop trends.

    The youngster asked the old timer ,''Sir can this bird I have in my hand live?????''
    That really depends on you son ,
    the old timer said.

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  5. You can DO it!

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