Will I make it or never post here again?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jackassery, Mar 4, 2006.

Will I earn $1000 before I lose $1000?

  1. Yes you will make it to $6000.

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  2. No you will make it to $4000 blow your mental stop and lose it all!

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  3. You will never make it to either and bounce around in a range.

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  1. Oh I wont ask that question but it is the next logical step.
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  2. this a strange way of thinking indeed; u know u are making money with stocks and u know also u can compound and make a lot more but yet u rather prefer to enter a whole new world, tougher and with much lowered r/r.......all this because u are 'bored' of seeing your account grow and want to try a new thing.
    am I missing something or is this your line of thinking for real.
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  3. Perhaps I should have clarified that when you made your first comment. Im not ending my trading in stocks because as you pointed out if im profitable that would be absurd. I just want to explore it as an additional area of profit. I didnt mean to imply that I was going to stop trading stocks and if I did that was my mistake.
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  4. Trading bubble....
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  5. Hey:

    Silly question, easy answer.

    With so little capital, you won't be able to stay in the game long enough for your edge (if you have one) to kick in.

    Therefore your odds of going up or down to hit specific numbers are not good (one could just setup a random number generator and pull a figure out of the air).

    So basically it is as though you were cutting the deck ONCE with all your money (your account) on the line.

    Personally I don't play unless I have an excellent chance of winning. But its your choice.

    Good luck

    #25     Mar 5, 2006
  6. Many people "talk" about an edge. Most don't even know what that really is and fewer actually have one but are reluctant or embarrassed to admit it.

    First find out what an edge is in futures and then set out to get a REAL edge before you throw your money away. If you are just a plunger no advice is going to do you any good.

    If and when you acquire this "edge" use a simulator that is as close to real trading as it gets. You'll see if you can make it. ONLY THEN put your money on the line and then trade small and limit your risk.

    Answer this, are you going to trade index futures like the ES intraday or buy gold futures intermediate trend? I can't give you any advice about how to achieve an edge without knowing your objectives.

    You've got the right idea about trading futures if you want to get rich. Don't listen to the nay sayers about how much money you need or how difficult it is. If you think you're going to take a flyer in the markets and strike pay dirt, FORGET IT!

    But first things first, find your edge in the type of market you wish to trade. Hint: you won't find it here and not in any book either. So what does that leave? Somebody has to tell you (fat chance) or you use your brain to figure it out and stop wasting time asking what is basically stupid questions. You'll lose that grand so fast your head will spin.
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  7. Your absolutely right Takenoprisoners:

    So please enlighten us.

    Tell us exactly what the difference is between a true statistical edge and a simple historical tendency.

    You are the acknowledged "king" of traders here and so you must be one of the few who actually know the answer to this question.

    I am sure you want to contribute just a little of your vast knowledge to the rest of us.

    Go right ahead.

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  8. "I am sure you want to contribute just a little of your vast knowledge to the rest of us."

    Not even a little bit. Looks like you "contribute" enough for the both of us. BTW, I already responded to your dumb question in your OTHER post. (I read that tart cherries go past the brain barrier and help prevent senility). Try some with cream.
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  9. "You are the acknowledged "king" of traders here"

    Reminds me of the old George Burns joke:

    I wouldn't want to be a member of any country club who would have me as a member.
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  10. Wonderful replies and about on par with your other comments

    "Not even a little bit"....and yet you posted several times to let us know all about your successes.

    Really too bad that with all the successes you claim, you couldn't answer one simple question about the subject of edge. Yet Linus comes along and in simple english makes it clear to us all.

    You know to the rest of us, you are starting to sound like Samson. Same lack of ability to discuss concepts intelligently, same lack of personal control, similar rambling unfocused self-congratulatory posts.

    Okay then I think we have an appropriate context in which to evaluate your future comments.


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