Will I get 'busted'?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iggy9807, May 25, 2010.

  1. iggy9807


    HMPR 2010-05-24, 09:00:01 BUY 400 0.6700 268.
    Total HMPR (Bought) 400 0.6700 268.00

    Don't laugh at the amount please :) I have a system for trading low-volume stocks and it's not meant to trade 'huge'.

    Looks like I got (partially but nicely) filled in pre-market hours. The stock officially opened at 1.68 and closed above $2.

    I am curious if whoever sold me the stock can suddenly decide it was a mistake and declare a busted trade (I've had one of those cases before). Or is it too late by now?
  2. your good to go. unless you have a broker that is very slooooooow in reporting to you. then of course all bets are off. To bust a trade the person wanting the trade busted has a very short and small window to ask for the trade to be busted as I understand it. When I asked for a trade bust last year in July I was told by IB that the window was already gone with one exchange within half and hour and the other exchange was slightly different time but still small

    Best to you and nice trade