Will History repeat itself?

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    May 28-30
    Hussein asserts oil overproduction by Kuwait and United Arab Emirates is "economic warfare" against Iraq.

    July 15-17
    Iraq accuses Kuwait of stealing oil from Rumaylah oil field on Iraq-Kuwait border and warns of military action.

    July 22
    Iraq begins military buildup against Kuwait.

    August 2, #1
    Iraq invades Kuwait and seizes Kuwaiti oil fields. Kuwait's emir flees. Iraq masses troops along the Saudi bordr. U.N. condemns Iraq's invasion and demands withdrawl.

    August 6
    U.N. imposes trade embargo on Iraq.

    August 7
    Saudi Arabia requests U.S. troops to defend against possible Iraqi attack.

    August 8
    Hussein proclaims annexation of Kuwait.

    August 9, #2
    First U.S. military forces arrive in Saudi Arabia. U.N. declares Iraqi annexation of Kuwait void.

    August 10
    Hussein declares a "jihad" or holy war against the U.S. and Israel.

    August 12
    Naval blockade of Iraq begins. All shipments of Iraqi oil halted.

    August 28
    Iraq declares Kuwait its 19th province, renames Kuwait City al-Kadhima.

    September 14-15
    United Kingdom and France announce deployment of 10,000 troops to Gulf.

    December 17
    U.N. sets deadline for Iraqi withdrawal on January 15, 1991. Hussein rejects all U.N. resolutions.


    January 3
    Defense Department censors war reporting by press.

    January 9
    Talks between U.S. Secretary of State Baker and Iraqi Foreign Minister Aziz end in stalemate.

    January 12
    Congress grants President Bush authority to wage war.

    January 17
    Operation Desert Storm begins at 3 a.m. Baghdad time.

    January 19, #3
    First scud missiles strike Israel.

    January 22
    Iraq begins blowing up Kuwaiti oil wells.

    January 25, #4
    Iraq begins "environmental war" by pumping millions of gallons of crude oil into Gulf.

    January 30, #5
    Iraqi and Coalition forces engage in first important ground battle in Khafji, Saudi Arabia.

    February 1
    Secretary of Defense Cheney warns U.S. will retaliate if Iraq uses chemical or unconventional weapons.

    February 8
    Total U.S. troops in Gulf now over half million.

    February 12-13
    Air bombardment of Baghdad destroys three major bridges and kills 400 people in an air-raid shelter.

    February 19
    Soviet-Iraqi peace plan rejected by President Bush. Oil spill in Gulf now estimated at 1.5 million barrels.

    February 22
    President Bush issues 24-hour ultimatum: Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait to avoid start of ground war.

    February 24, #6
    Allied ground campaign begins. Schwarzkopf's warlords carry out Gulf War's critical "left hook" maneuver as conceived by General Grant's 1863 Civil War campaign at Vicksburg.

    February 25, #7
    Iraqi Scud missile hits U.S. barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 28 U.S. soldiers.

    February 26, #8
    Hussein announces Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait. Iraqi troops exodus from Kuwait City results in "Highway of Death."

    February 27
    Coalition forces enter Kuwait City. U.S. 1st Armored Division fights battle of Medina Ridge against Iraqi Republican Guard in Iraq. President Bush declares Kuwait liberated.

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