Will high gas prices force the Fed to stop or slow down money printing?

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  1. $3+ gas has a high political cost
  2. The fed is not printing money - the only people who think so are the uneducated.
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    QE 1$2

    Trillions in Stimulus

    The list goes on...
  4. that's all bond buying, not adding money to the system. if you're going to make a point please make it accurate.
  5. The FED can't stop, I dare them to stop, the whole system will collapse if they stop. America will become nothing but one big poo poo.
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    Haha the fed can't stop now, the economy is only showing a 3% GDP handle because of the trillions in the system, but the foolish bulls can't grasp the concept. Everyone thinks the economy is strong, pull the fed away and watch the economy and market collapse, only way to grow the economy is through???? You guessed it, asset bubbles!!! Bubble ben bernanke is the ultimate creator of asset bubbles!!!
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    If voters keep sending people to DC who want to keep adding to the debt a trillion bucks at a time, the fed has to keep printing it.
  8. The debt is only on the paper

    As long as the banks do not lend all the money that is lended to them, inflation will not explode.

    Bernanke is asking for interest on the money that he lended to the banks in return banks will not lend this money as credit so this electronic money will never end up in the market. So no inflation and no trouble.
  9. Do the perma-bears in this thread really not understand macro-economics?
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    Yeah, it is the deficit spending that conjures money out of thin air.
    The fed only facilitates the process by using the primary dealers
    to indirectly monetize the debt.
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