Will hedge funds buy Goog hand over fist so it will break the $513 double top?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Kramer_Hedge_LA, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. If hedge funds do this, Goog will be a self-fulfilling prophecy and go up with tremendous volume. Anyone have any ideas if hedge funds will pump money into google purposely to help it break the $513 double top.
  2. why even ask that question, nobody can answer it with any semblence of accuracy. Its unknowable.
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    Let me make a few phonecalls, and I 'll get back to you.
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    This is the funniest response I have ever seen. LOL!

    On another note, looks like GOOG is trading above 513 - let's see if it sticks into the close.

  5. I know nothing is 100% accurate in the stock market. Maybe I should have phrased the question differently. Do hedge funds sometimes watch certain widely watched technical indicators and purposely create self-fulfilling prophecies when targets are near to cash in on the indicator.

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    "They" know all things and "they" are watching. Be afraid :)
  7. I think the answer you need to hear is that even if they do, they can only push it so much. Smart traders don't have their buy orders at $513.06...they wait to see strength in the move and then will move in.
  8. Thanks, that's the simple straightforward answer I wanted to hear.
  9. what did you learn? Just curious?
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    You lost your ass if you had your buy order above 514 trying to be smart.
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