Will goldman become the next microsoft?

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  1. All of the media attention over Goldman reminds me of the same thing with Salomon Brothers back in the 70's and 80's.

    Totally misguided.
    No big deal.
  2. no big deal???:confused:

    Goldman is the Devil............however this will not stop me from shorting the stock:D :D
  3. Highly "successful" companies tend to become targets of recrimination during bear markets. From previous bull markets, similar "things" happened with RCA, IBM, AT&T, US Steel, Alcoa and Standard Oil et al. Something similar should be likely to happen to GS and GOOG based on that. :cool:
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    Some companies completely deserve the acrimony directed at them.

    Microsoft is one.

    If they built cars you would think it's entirely normal for it to:

    - Release new models with a completely redesigned user interface from the previous model, from the location of the pedals and steering wheel to completely opposite functionality of switches, locks, etc.
    - Require expensive bi-annual engine modifications due to reformulation of the only gasoline it runs on.
    - Randomly stop running for no apparent reason and be completely operational again by simply turning the key off/on.
    - Brakes that randomly lock-up, not work at all or partially engage with no rhyme or reason.
    - Dashboard lights that flicker, flash and go completely bonkers, only to return to normal again with no user intervention.

    Well, you get the idea...
  5. Bring back the Ford Pinto...

    ...aka The Death Mobile.
  6. Truly one of the most stupid comments I have read here on ET!

    Please take some time away from "SpongeBob" and go do some research on "Stac Electronics" or study about the DOS operating system (Randy Kildall, Terry Patterson, Digital Research). I choose NOT to enlighten you further!

    That is just on Micro$haft...then go read about the risk management that GS is PRESENTLY using..in spite of being a COMMERCIAL BANK - GS is still using VaR...enough, you seem like a GS hack - go play in some other field - a field of morons who will buy your drivel!

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  8. I hate Notre Dame, the Yankees, and Goldman Sachs..........
  9. Ah yes, my 1971 AMC Hornet , my reverse was anyone that was riding with me and it actually became stuck on the ice on LEVEL ground in a parking lot once. Cars like that actually make Microsoft look pretty good.
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