Will Georgie get FLUSHED !

Discussion in 'Politics' started by taodr, Jan 24, 2003.

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    Will Georgie boy get re-elected. My vote is no. He appears to have gambled his future on Iraq. His father destroyed so much of Iraq I think he is really wasting his time with this one. American presidents seem bent on teaching the rest of the world something instead of 'Cleaning up" their own country. Osama Bin Laden hated the US after the first war, this time there will be millions of Osamas. Even if they nuke , the haters are already here.
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    Good lord, there is no way one can predict an election 2 years out! At the end of Gulf War I, Bush had awesome numbers, then didn't get reelected.
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    I agree this is very hard to predict.
    Bob says he will get re-elected because of 9-11.
    Cathy says he will not win because he screwed up the economy.
  4. The moron will never get reelected even with the help of his friends in Florida and the Supreme Court. Just pray he doesn't wreck the US and the world before he's out for good.
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    Isn't that the problem ? We don't want US economy so down that it would take years and years to repair. Don't forget they say between 7 and 10 TRILLION dollars has been wiped out in the last 3 years.
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    I still think Bush is toast. Even though it's early, his team gambled on Iraq being the diversion away from the bad economy ( which I believe Greenspan totally screwed) but unfortunately it is turning against them and they can't back away. What happened to going after Bin Laden. He seems to have been swept under the rug.
  7. He'll get re-elected because he's the first president in recent memory to actually have a spine.
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    What good is a spine without a head to go with it ?
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    It was obvious from the State of the Union address that Bush has put the economy on back burner. They are gambling and maybe rightly that when Iraq is overthrown the economy will surge.
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