will GE survive

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  1. will GE regain its footing or will it fall to single digits? i wish they would sell everything related to financials including nbc.
  2. GE has lost ALL support. The low back in 2002-2003 was around 19. Price has now fallen through the old floor. GE is a buy at 5 bucks.
  3. Im more interested in when port0000 will keel.
  4. Having to divest during a bear market really sucks. We'll see. :cool:
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    I personally don't see GE at single digits, they're pulling back hard, but it's the case of many other stocks, this is what we call a "crisis", the Buffett pact should put GE in a better stand, we just have to wait for a more bullish market that could hold for a while.
  6. Single digits. No doubt about that. Then a buyout by another company. I guess that they cant cook the books to hit their Q numbers like in Jacks day.
  7. They should. It would take 2 years before they hit 28 a share though again. GE is being dumped with all the other stocks out there on the open market due to heavy redemptions.

    You would be surprised at what percentage GE compromises your typical mutual fund. (1-3% typically)

    If you have a 10-15 year span and you are going to hold,write calls on the stock you should be okay.


    Look at 1 year, and YTD. Lots of liquidation going on in these larger names. AA is worrysome though.
  8. I disagree. I have learned the lesson that a downtrending stock will keep downtrending until either the company goes out of business or some type of miracle occurs.

    GE seems like a "good stock" that can do no wrong, but its usually those stocks that f8ck you the most.

    It will keep going down until it doesnt or until it hits the pinks. GE is done, toast.
  9. Aren't you the guy who loaded up on FRE/FNM saying it was a great buy?

    I would like some fundamental insight into your predictions.

    In the meantime I will continue to milk this GE options cash cow.

    Anyhow I have a different outlook on GE and I do like GECS. It is a rough market and lots of players are going to go on the wayside leaving less competition and more business in the future for the survivors. They are getting spanked and GE is my distressed equity pick for my portfolio.

    I like GE at these attractive prices for a 10 year horizon.
  10. Look at the chart and tell me you would jump in right now.

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