Will Ford ever break even?

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Will Ford ever break even?

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  1. Some of this stuff is a big joke such as investing in new technologies for better gas mileage.

    I have to laugh. A 10 year old Camry (26 mpg real world) has better gas mileage then the latest Ford Taurus (20 mpg real world). Where has Ford been all these years with their gas guzzling vehicles? Toyota got it right from the start while Ford has continually lagged.

    I think Ford should just close its doors or sell itself off to Toyota or Honda.

  2. Ford would break even if it wasn't for foreign manufactures dumping their cars here while at the same time closing their markets to our goods.

    Ford is the victim of unfair global trade.
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    Yeah, crappy cars have nothing to do with it.
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    Q: What time is it when a Ford passes another Ford?

    A: Tin past Tin.

    (That was the first joke I ever heard, told to me by my uncle who worked for Ford.)

    Actually, Ford is producing some very high quality vehicles at present. They'll come out of this.

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  5. If you followed the maintenance schedule and operated your vehicle in a reasonable manner, would any Ford vehicle require additional repairs outside of normal maintenance?

    Ford and Chevy the transmission starts slipping right around 50-60k. Usually by 70k, lots off different items are going bad.

    On a Toyota, with normal maintenance according to the schedule, you can take it past 200k miles easy. A well maintained Toyota at 175k is more reliable then a Ford at 75k. The only time a Toyota gets sold is when the owner is tired of it.

    On one 18.5 gallon tank in a Camry, you can get a little over 500 miles in mixed driving. In the 20 gallon tank of the Taurus, maybe you can get 400 miles if you get lucky. 350 miles is the norm.

    Even the radio on a 4 year old Camry sounds better and seems more modern then that on a new Taurus.

    I would never buy a Ford or a GM product. Its just bad quality.
  6. My 1st car was a '72 Ford Pinto. The cam knocked so bad it sounded like playing cards in the spokes. The acronym at the time was Put In Nickles To Operate
  7. The funny part about this is that there are still Toyotas from the 70s operating on the roads mostly in warm weather states like Southern California. They are a rarity, but can be found and operating quite well.

    In NYC, because of the humidity, rain and climate changes, the average life of most Toyotas is about 20 years. You can still see many early 90s Toyotas on the road in the northeast with finally the salt&wet weather taking its toll on the vehicle at some point.

    When a person buys a Toyota, they can expect a vehicle that will last them at least 10 years. Not so with the Impala, not so with the Ford.

    Ford should go bankrupt.