Will Dow break the psychological support of 10,000 and start a panic sell off

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by BPtrader, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. tomorrow?

    the much anticipated second-leg down?

    warren buffet is worried.:D did he have some kind of options deal that needs Dow to go above 14,000?
  2. He "needs" the S&P-500 to stay above ~700 badly. :eek:
  3. Why is he worrying? I don't like him either, but I don't see him go broke anytime soon. Let's see if market can crash all the way to zero, LOL.

  4. ddefina


    Warren was unwise selling put options right before Nikkei 2 happens in our markets.
  5. mebbe there will be global destruction and warren will go bankrupt
  6. Warren will be fine, he sold European style options. They will end up worthless on expiration.
  7. looks like no.. :)
  8. ken__0


    One of the richest men " a opportunist" in the world is worried...
    I think not Sir...
    I imagine at his age, His biggest concern is how much fiber to put in his breakfast,
    Seriously hes got a small house in Nebraska a fuel efficient car what else could anyone want.....
  9. isn't he the dude who trades from Pataya?
  10. ken__0


    Maybe,, I hear the BHAT for aids trades are a slam dunk in farfrignugan:D
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