Will Divorce law be the next big growth industry?

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  1. Autism has a provable connection to mercury based vaccinations.
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  2. There is a correlation between increasing divorce rates and stock declines.
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    themirosal ( 50% mercury ) which is a preservative used in certain vaccines is the culprit according to some. But until the link is absolutely proven im afraid it is going to be hard to go after the drug companies. which of course are the ones paying for funding on the research studies that are saying there is no link. So educational law is going after the public school system which arises from a 1975 federal law declaring every child is entitled to a "FREE , APPROPRIATE EDUCATION", regardless of ability. Since autism spectrum disorder has gone from 1/2500 in 1980 to 1/150 today you can see what i mean by explosion in educational law. there have been settlements in the millions for failing to provide the right type of education....peace
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  4. Marriage is dying though. The majority of people no longer marry at all. Marriage is a dinosaur. In California, everyone has "parnters" including the heterosexuals. Cohabitation is now the norm. Divorce law is a dying profession, but it will take decades.
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    the CDC ...ahhahahahaha good one homey...like i said alot of drug company money is paid out to make sure there is research to refute this. That was the case when TABBACCO wasnt linked to cancer...and Themirosal Usage just recently down ( guess why??? )....but for many kids that got vaccinated pre 2001 it wasnt down and vaccines shots went up ( as in more now than when we were little kids )..wait 10 years and then see if autsim is down because we are no longer using themirosal or still rising. Even Ahnold and several other states have banned themirosal just in case...thats huge considering the lobbying power big pharma has....the CD is just like the FDA and the FTC...they are owned by big business...
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  8. This is just evidence that we are getting closer to the dystopia described in Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Destruction of the family is part of the societies in both novels.
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  9. Anecdotal evidence means nothing. I can give endless counter points, such as the breast implant fiasco, they were never dangerous and the whole industry was sued to death a bankrupted.

    If you read the article, I think he makes a very strong case that the reason the numbers have soared is because of how they are measuring the numbers, and how much better docs have become at properly identifying autism.

    The definition seems to have become much broader over time, so its not at all surprising that the number of cases would have soared.

    Asserting that the CDC is owned by big business doesnt make it so. Hard evidence? Or your unsupported opinion?

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    Like i said they have not proven it to be linked hence the reason they will not go after big pharma. I also agree that properly identifying autism is in my opinion a reason it has gone up ( it is obvious that would be the case ...duh), the increase is at an alarming rate though ( epidemic ) to say that is due to properly identifying autism is IMO just not the case. There is also reason to believe that environmental factors and themirosal in vaccines are also attributing to the alarming increase in numbers. ( it is an alarming increase in numbers 1/10,000 1/2500 1/150 ) . Mormons do not get vaccinated; there is not one case of autism fact that some states have banned it should speak volumes when it is at the cost of big pharma. Big tobacco hid the fact the there was a link between cancer and smoking..they tried their best to suppress that info and ponied up lots of mula to show research that there was no link..look what happened...we can debate this all day; The bottom line is since they are now using single vials and there is no need for themirisol only time will tell...If there is a decrease in case numbers then and only then can someone step up to the plate and say it was in fact mercury toxicity...i could care less about research studies that say this and that...for anyone can get paid to write up a good report or bad report on anything and everything...there is one thing for sure..mercury is a toxic material if you do not belive me inject yourself with it and get back to tme....to think they inject this substance into a lil baby weighing no more than 5 -25 pounds is absurd... vaccines are a joke and a way for big pharma to keep them dollars rolling...which is the case for many and most presription drugs...

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