Will Divorce law be the next big growth industry?

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  1. ElCubano


    no EDUCATIONAL LAW is the next big growth industry in attorney world....
  2. Malinois


    Funny I mentioned the same thing to a few friends last week as it seems obvious that housing troubles will lead to money troubles which leads to marriage troubles which leads to more housing troubles(many houselholds need two incomes to make the mortgage).
  3. jem


    what do you mean.

    suing the schools that provide vocational training with inflated claims?

    Or do you mean educating people in the law?
  4. Yeah, but then they need two homes to live in, whether they own or rent.
  5. ElCubano


    the rise in autism/nuerological problems has seen this area of law explode..Yes; suing the shcools to provide better education for these types of disabilities...Forbes april 9 2007 issue...peace
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  7. It's going to 61.8% next...

  8. Divorce rates move in Fibonacci cycles too?
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