Will dgabriel also make denial of official document from trilateral ?

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  1. Just to prevent him from being ridiculous haha !
  2. I don't know Harry. Show us the document. The only documents you have shown are from Dr. Horowitz.

    You quote Horowitz and imply it is the CFR, but there is no evidenced provided that shows the CFR actually said anything like it is characterized by Horowitz.

    Dr. Horowitz is a salesman. Maybe you are just a spammer.

  3. really you are blind I already give the source !


    "8. The Crisis of Democracy
    New York University Press (© 1975)
    Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington and Joji Watanuki
    ISBN: 0-8147-1305-3
    220 pp./paper/$15.00 plus S&H
    Out of print
    To order (photocopy)"

    This document says textually that there is "TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY" and concludes that this too much freedom of Press, Unviersities, Politicians and People must be reversed ! How do they do that imagine ...
  4. This is cited for example by famous professor of MIT Noam Chomsky (http://web.mit.edu/linguistics/www/chomsky.home.html). I hope that you don't classify professor of MIT as conspirator haha !


    "It was the first major study by the Trilateral Commission founded by David Rockefeller.
    The Commission was a mostly liberal internationalist elite, from Europe, the United States, and Japan. It was mostly people like the Carter administration, liberal in the American sense of social democrats and internationalists. What they were deeply concerned about was an increase in democracy, that is, through the 1960s parts of the public that had usually been apathetic and passive began to get organized and to enter the political arena and press their demands and so on. That included women, working people, minorities, the elderly-in general the large part of the population that was usually passive.


    They said that they had to prove that they were worried about what they called the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of the young-their words, not mine. That means the schools, the officials, media, the churches-they were not indoctrinating people, they were becoming too independent and thoughtful, too active, and something had to be done to reverse this. "
  5. Yes you are really blind it was not HOROWITZ that I cited : Is eminently world famous and honored professor Noam Chomsky from the MIT also a liar wharf wharf wharf ! You have the exact source so that people can check and you treat people as liar, really what kind of person are you huh ?!!! ARE YOU A PRO-NAZI CAN YOU ANSWER YES OR NO ! If YES then I will better understand; if no, in front of evidence from undisputable sources among which direct source from trilateral.org YOU CAN ORDER yourself, your attitude is rather suspiscious.

    So learn the lesson after your stupid post @

    Because don't try to play with me on that I am not like all those conspirators that speak without any proof.

  6. Yes not I are not to have not seen in an unblind I don't play you Harrytrader.Wharf Wharf Wharf (rat rat rat)!

    What right I have not to disnazi you in a realm of extrinsic democrocatization ex-officio egalite?

    Why don't you just speak french Harry?

    Are you blind? I read the summary. Published in 1975 and they spoke of a fear of continued stagflation and demise of Democracy on the Continent. Incidentally, we are now in the year 2003.

    Guess what shmo, the opposite occurred. Democracy spread and inflation was largely tamed and growth returned.

    Their fears have been proven wrong by history.

    Chomsky? Is he your god? Chomsky is such a visceral antiauthoritarian he denys his own authority. Brilliant man, but on the fringe. At least the two of you share one thing in common.

    Are you pimping for the trilateral commission bookstore, Chomsky, or Horowitz?

    All conspirators have absolute proof. Sometimes it vanishes with the first thorazine dose.
  7. Chomsky is not my God, I just cited him since each time a document is presented you say you have the outrage of saying it is a lie until you are faced with the evidence that it is not. And it is funny that you judge on a summary since hell is in the details and details is being cited they say textually that there is too much democracy and if you are pretending that it is written in 1975 and still not valid, you are laughing at me don't you know that nazism has been for preparation for dozen of years before they appear to the public ? And how can you pretend to prepare for a risk since in front of some evidence you are denying the document. And if I cite this one it is because it is the most well known. But if you want more and more recent no problem we're going to continue this educational game.

    And you are ridiculous if you pretend that if they think there is too much democracy at that time they don't think so today. For if they don't think so today you could deduce that they are already beginning to work on the suppression of liberty. Did you hear for example about the interdiction of Guns ? I'm not for guns and violence but this strikes me because before taking power HITLER HAS ALSO EMITTED A LAW THAT FORBID GUNS WHY GUESS...

  8. Perhaps you think that I am attacking america and pretend that Europe is more democratic. I should surprise you: European Community is in advance in this dictature process. The Trilateral Commission is in fact a child of a European Group called the round Table that explains why we are halas in advance. That's why situation in Europe is worst than US for many years and if you accept their process that seems to be happening you will soon achieve the same level as Europe although at the moment we are still in a democracy in appearance.

    On practical business, for example you have still liberty to make free small enterprise, in Europe no they have managed the people with communist mentality. But this is just a little concern, the true concern is about a possible IIIrd reich and genocide that will not only concern jews but everybody including nazis and arabs when they won't serve any more. It is about replacing humans by robots and that I can also prove by an official document from the number 2 of Trilateral after Rockfeller which is Brezinski. When I will find it on occasion I will cite you the excerpt which is crystal clear.