WIll Day Trading ever stop being profitable?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kastro_316, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. No.

    (just realised there's an "Elite Member" rating - ooh baby, got something to live for now..)
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  2. Banjo


    It will most likely morph into an incredible fantasia within a decade. All electronic with liquidity provided by virtually the entire free world playing a huge number of instruments twenty four seven through whichever brokers position themselves properly.
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  3. trade4me


    I can't imagine the sec making it easier with their regulations. They hate daytraders. In my opinion, the markets will be flat and volatility will be low in the later stages of this bear market, which may be 5 to 10 years away. Like someone else on this thread said, there is way to make money in any market.
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  4. I doubt they hate daytraders enough to make it not worthwile to daytrade, when you consider how much liquidity daytraders provide.
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  5. nljones5


    There are a lot of ways to daytrade. Follow the financial news and see what interests you and see how it's traded (futures, stocks, bonds, etc).
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  6. NDQnCA

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    speaking of orange juice..some of you may remember this scene...."now if we could just get ahold of that orange crop report from the sec of agriculture, mortimer we can corner the frozen concentrated orange juice market- when the bell rings we will buy, buy, buy.....oh, shit!!!! whats happening? randolph,,,,wtf...."

    with all of the crap happening in the markets now i predict that when the moon and sun align causing the next eclipse here on earth that on that day, at 11:30 am EST that the ensuing chaos will spell the end of the modern era of daytrading. monkeys will be sent in to replace traders. the monkeys will not make money- the enraged monkeys will eat the specialists and daytrading will cease to be a profitable activity. .....trading will become a fable that traders tell their kids about....so, you better get it while the gettings good man- it could end at any time, you never know......:D :D :D
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  7. rs7


    Marc, you are a moron! Everyone knows it will be on Valentines Day of '05. I can' t believe you can be off by over 2 full months!!!!

    See you tomorrow, fool!

    And didn't I tell you to stay clear of ET?

    :) R
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  8. Yes, for smart asses like MarcD. The original poster was obviously just a kid. And based from your response, so are you!
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  9. hmm.. i wonder if there is any way to play the spread here.. you know.. short Kastro getting out of college and long daytrading surviving..

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  10. Hey Greenie!!!

    You might not know this, but out of the 5 people involved in each and every day trade at least 3 always make money.

    A brokerage firm gets commish from the winner, a brokerage firm gets commish from the loser, and the exchange always gets a cut.

    Why not 4 out of 5, after all what about the day trader that was on the right side of the trade? Well, after commish and fees, he might just break even, or even worse lose money on the deal if he gets out on a push and then has to pork up commish and fees.

    Aint it a bitch.

    Why not just open a casino, or an OTB site, they always make money.

    I hear the Bright Boys have lots of OTB sites, and they are more than happy to place your bets for you---so at least you will be helping the economy if you lose all your money.

    Actually, it reminds me of the way so many get a slice of profit each time you buy a loaf of bread. The baker, the distributor, the truck driver, the wholesaler, and of course the retailer---not to mention Uncle Sam through taxes.
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