Will CPU Speed Effect Indicator Calculation

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  1. Hi Traders,

    Do you think CPU speed will effect indicator claculation ?

    Let said, we apply MACD as an example. Sometime when I refresh the chart the last few bar of MACD histogram colour will change.

    Is this due to CPU processing speed or some orthes reason. :confused:

    anyone can help on this issue ?

    Thank in advance.
  2. what trading platform do you use?
  3. Multichart :)
  4. Lucrum


    Without knowing what data feed or software you're using my guess is the data AFTER you refresh is slightly different/more complete than before the refresh. CPU speed should not have anything to do with that.
  5. Apperently I'm using Multichart with eSignal data feed. what will be the cause of this since CPU has nothing to do with it.

    How to avoid this problem ? :)
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  8. Of course the CPU speed will affect indicator calculations. Indicators - all floating point mathematics.

    But MACD is no big deal. It is calculations of the difference between moving averages. Not all indicators are created equal. If your indicator is based on, say Bollinger Bands (such as the Squeeze indicator), and you want a longer lookback period, then it is a challenge to the CPU since Bollinger Bands - square root of a summation series of the price's square. So it all depends on the indicators used.
  9. JackR


    I seem to recall from the Multichart web site user forum that some Multichart\eSignal users were seeing a similar problem when they reloaded. I don't know whether or not the problem was resolved. You might check with MultiCharts.

  10. Thx Boli & Jack :)
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